I believe that our environment has a significant impact on us. I provide visual tools to mindfully make this environment a better and more positive place.  
It is indeed a proved fact that everything consists of energy. Everyone and everything is buzzing, though the frequency of this buzzing does make a difference. There are positive and negative frequencies and we experience these every day, in many cases we're not even aware of this. 

​The aim of my art is to contribute to the 'big picture' in order to make our world a happier and more liveable place. I believe that it's up to Us, You and Me how special a world we create for ourselves and our environment. 
Identifying this treasure is invaluable and it's in our hands! The question is what we do with it, because we can't reach its full potential without action. 

​My 'drop' in the ocean is my art. I received creativity as my gift; the special attraction to colours, the love for different shapes. I consider it my task to use this to create masterpieces that fill people with positive energy, and provide them with a positive visual experience (visual soul-caressing pictures). 

​I would like to share these positive, charging and uplifting energies with many people through my art. Because our existence means nothing without love, health, energy and passion. 

My Philosophy



My life goal is to support and inspire people through my art. 
I was born in Budapest, Hungary. I have always liked to paint and do crafts from a very young age and I was always attracted to beauty, let it be flowers, stones, a unique building, a beautiful dress or person. 

When I was 12 we moved to Germany with my parents. I attended high school and university there specialised in arts. I spent a year in the UK to continue my art studies and then I enrolled to the university of Augsburg to the Department for Visual Communication, where I had the chance to spend a year at the Hungarian University of Applied Arts.

I first worked for a smaller, then a bigger advertising (Ogilvy&Matter) company as creative director. In the meantime I continued painting and many of my paintings and calligraphies were sold through galleries. 

​I worked as a freelancer to help SMEs with their corporate identity. Just to mention a few: I designed a corporate magazine for Siemens and the Hungarian Chamber of Dentists. I found pleasure in creating new spaces with other professionals while working for the California Coffee Company in Hungary. They commissioned numerous paintings from me as well. 

​ I now live in London with my family and continue my creative activities around the world.